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Basic Information on CORINE Land Cover Classification

provided in 2004 by Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Kehl / Institute of Ecology / Berlin Technical University,
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EXAMPLE for CORINE Land Cover classification
  Preliminary mapping of only 9 km² according to CORINE LCC on the basis of Digital Classification of Vegetation using Landsat TM-data of September 1989 and Thematical Ecological Maps (TEMap 8), prepared for the research project LöKAT (1997 and 1998):  
  Example from the Amanos Mtn., above Dörtyol (550 - 1000m) - between Çökek Yayla and Gökbel Pass.  

Please note: This example of CORINE LCC should serve only as an introduction, and will give only an idea about the different biophysical units in the area of research and excursion.

The inventory should be based primarely on satellite scenes of Landsat TM data of different vegetation periods with additional information on topography, and e.g. orthogonal photos.

  Adopted from Kehl,H. (1998) TEMap8 'Digital Classification of Vegetation using Landsat TM-data of Sept. 1987'  
  Scale, background map and labelling only for orientation and comparison!  
3.1.1 Broad-Leaved Forest
(Quercus cerris, Carpinus orientalis, Fagus sylvatica, Tilia argentea, Fraxinus ornus etc. woodland)
3.1.2 Coniferous Forest
(Pinus brutia woodland)

Mixed Forest
(Pinus brutia - Quercus cerris - Carpinus orientalis - Styrax officinalis woodland)


NOTE: Applied mapping wouldn't use the presented scale for CLC!
With field work data (ground-truth "check") the unit 3.1.2 (Coniferous Forest) was not observed, but also unit 3.1.3 with dominant Pinus brutia, and Quercus cerris, Styrax officinalis etc. as undergrowth
(cf. List of Species!).

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