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Zur Erforschung der 'Western Desert of Egypt'
(Ecological Studies in the Libyan Desert of Egypt and N-Sudan / vegetation ecology of the Sahara - 1982-1987)

Zusammengestellt von Dr. Harald Kehl - ehemals TU-Berlin, Fak. VI, Inst. f. Ökologie
(Compiled by Dr. Harald Kehl - formerly TU-Berlin, Fak. VI, Inst. f. Ökologie)

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Plant geographical territories (Mersa Matruh to Qattara Depr.)
      m = mediterranean; it = irano-turanian; sa = saharo-arabian; sud = sudanian chorotypes
      from Kehl (1983)
  sa-(m) 1: high component of mediterranean chorotypes
  2: district with bi-regional mediterranean chorotypes
sa-(it) main distribution of it chorotypes
sa 1: high component of pluri-regional chorotypes
2: sa chorotypes on salty soils
  3: high dominance of sa chorotypes
sa-(sud) 1: Acacia together with high component of southern chorotypes
  2: district with high proportion of Acacia tortilis
  route with sample sites -
      Please visit "Research area of NW-Egypt" and Distribution of Lifeforms and the
Phytogeographical Evaluation between the Mediterranean coast (near Mersa Matruh) and the Qattara Depression.
Copyright © Harald Kehl
Vormals TU-Berlin - Institut für Ökologie

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