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... Landschaftsökologische Komplex-Analyse im Amanos-Gebirge der SO-Türkei ...
Welcome to Mountain Ecosystem Research Online

A multi-disciplinary Project on Causes and Diversity
of Extrazonal Temperate Flora & Vegetation
in the Amanos Mtn.
(SE-Turkey - 1988-1997).

by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Harald Kehl
Formerly Berlin Technical University - Fac. VI -
Institute for Ecology

Background Methods Results Abstract
The LöKAT Project
Background Information on
Methods & Investigations

  • Soil-Physical and -Chemical Analysis on 431 Profiles
  • Documentation and Mapping of Bedrock, Lithostratigraphic Units and Soil Units according to FAO-UNESCO
  • Climate Data Acquisition in 500, 950, 1600 and 2100m a.s.l. from 1988-1992 with 'Automatic Weather Stations' (13 Parameters measured by each Station)
  • Presentation of Floristical, Geobotanical and Dynamic Aspects of Vegetation Distribution (PDF-File) under Human Impact, especially Analysis of the Causality of Pattern and Distribution of Extrazonal Vegetation. Synoptical Classification (with all relevees) and Numerical Ordination (with all Variables measured)
Results on

  • Short version with a concentrated summary of the LöKAT Project.
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